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RE: [Xen-API] Find Shutdown VMs


>From the xapi toolstack's point of view, running VMs are "resident_on" a 
>particular host i.e. the one which is running the domain(s) corresponding to 
>that VM.

A powered-off VM is not "resident_on" a host because no domains exist.

A powered-off VM may be:
1. Able to run on any host (if all Networks are pool-wide and all SRs are 
shared and currently attached to all hosts)
2. Able to run on only a subset of hosts (if some Networks are internal or  
some SRs are not currently attached to some hosts)

To discover on which hosts a VM may run you can use the CLI (or the API):

  # xe vm-param-get uuid=<uuid> param-name=possible-hosts

Note a VM may have an "affinity": a Host reference. This is used as a hint 
during VM.start and VM.resume; if the affinity host has sufficient resources to 
start there it will start there, otherwise it will start on one of the 
possible-hosts using a simple load-balancing algorithm.


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I have two xenserver within a pool. If the running VMs shows it is belongs 
to that host, but  powered off  VMs could not .
How can i find if the powered off VMs belongs to which host? 
Thanks in advance
Gandhiraj Natarajan

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