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RE: [Xen-API] Some questions about XenAPI


> Does anyone know if its possible to execute a command on a guest
> through
> the xenapi?
> For example:
> I want to test a group of programs written in java or c, the VM already
> knows how to test this programs.
> My main problem here is that i want to send data into the VM machine,
> like the program file and start the command that evaluates those
> programs, also get the output from the program.

You cannot do this through the XenAPI currently. I recommend doing something 
like this:

1. run a service inside your VM which accepts network connections; 
2. discover the VM's IP address via the XenAPI (VM_guest_metrics.networks map); 
3. connect to the service directly; and
4. transmit the command and receive the results via TCP/IP.

Would this work for you?

> The second problem is, I need to revert the VM back to its initial
> state
> ( clean all the damage the program might have done ) so it can be able
> to test another program in the same conditions it tested the previous
> program. The question is, can I revert a VM to a previous snapshot
> using
> the Xen API?

Yes: use the call
  VM.revert(session ref, VM ref)
where 'VM ref' is an existing snapshot (disk snapshot) or checkpoint (disk + 
memory snapshot)

Note that reverting to a checkpoint (disk + memory snapshot) will result in the 
VM being suspended. To make it run again you must call 'VM.resume'.

NB VM.revert is in the development version of xapi.

Hope that helps,

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