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[Xen-API] [PATCH 0 of 3] Never GC internal and/or active sessions.

Modify the GCing of sessions to be the following:

1/ internal sessions are cached on each host; that means only one internal 
session per host should be created in a pool; that also means that internal RPC 
call will no more do login/call/logout but only call (so potentially that 
should speed-up complex RPC calls);

2/ it is now possible to get all the tasks created using a specific session 
(Db.Session.get_tasks) and thus to know whether a session is active or not;

3/ Now, only inactive and external sessions are GCed (ie with no pending tasks 
and with Db.session.pool = false).

8 files changed, 62 insertions(+), 43 deletions(-)
ocaml/idl/datamodel.ml              |    2 +
ocaml/idl/ocaml_backend/context.ml  |    5 ++
ocaml/idl/ocaml_backend/context.mli |    1 
ocaml/xapi/db_gc.ml                 |   11 ++++--
ocaml/xapi/helpers.ml               |   64 ++++++++++++++++-------------------
ocaml/xapi/message_forwarding.ml    |    5 --
ocaml/xapi/xapi.ml                  |    3 -
ocaml/xapi/xapi_globs.ml            |   14 +++++++

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