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[Xen-API] [PATCH 0 of 4] Add configuration to allow selection of Netdev.Bridge vs. Netdev.Vswitch

Add a configuration option to allow xapi to integrate with a vswitch

xapi will now read /etc/xensource/network.conf to determine which
network backend to use, the file can contain the keyword "bridge" or
"vswitch". Based on this option xapi will use either the Netdev.Bridge
or Netdev.Vswitch modules to interact with the network stack.

This series takes care of xapi only, further changes are required,
e.g. to interface-reconfigure, in order for this to be useful.

As part of this add ocaml/netdev/netdev.mli to document the netdev

I dropped brctl utility, it is an unused test utility and interferes
with the abstraction added here.

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