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[Xen-API] [PATCH 00 of 33] Rework interface reconfigure

The following series of patches contains a fairly major rewrite of
/opt/xensource/libexec/interface-reconfigure (the script which
backends PIF.plug and PIF.unplug), it includes much refactoring, some
architectural improvements and some new features:

- Separate handling of the device which carries the IP address (the
  'ipdev') from the other devices which provide a route from that
  device to the outside world (the datapath, includes VLANs and bonds
- Implement support for multiple datapath backends, options include
  the existing Linux bridge based implementation and a new Open
  vSwitch based implementation. The selection is made based on the
  contents of /etc/xensource/network.conf which is the same file as
  used by xapi since
- Explicitly cache the database state (for use on slave boot) in
  /var/xapi/network.dbcache instead of implicitly relying on
  preservation of ifcfg files over reboot.
- Implement PIF.other-config:peerdns via DNSDEV directive in
  /etc/sysconfig/network rather than rewriting ifcfg-* when it

The breakdown into individual patches is a little bit arbitrary and
basically reflects the slighty random development path which I took
while refactoring, it could as well be applied a single megapatch if
you like.

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