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[Xen-API] RE: [Xen-users] Xen Cloud Platform disaster



I investigated and discovered that I removed most but not all of the licensing code L The ‘feature restrictions’ were disabled but the license expiry check was still present. I’ve pushed a patch to xen-api.hg to fix this.


I’ve compiled a custom xapi binary which is: build 20719 (the one on the website) plus this specific patch. The binary is here:




if you copy that to /opt/xensource/bin/xapi, make sure you ‘chmod +x’ it, and the restart xapi it should work. The binary needs to be changed on all hosts.


I installed a 20719c build, installed a VM, pushed my clock forward, reproduced the failure, installed the new xapi and verified the VM could be started.


I’ll aim to update the XCP binaries on the website in January to include this fix.


Sorry about that,



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The licensing components from XCP should have been removed and this not occur. I have added the xen-api list to this email so the developers can be aware of the situation and offer their guidance. Thanks.


Stephen Spector


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Subject: [Xen-users] Xen Cloud Platform disaster


Well, I made the mistake of shutting down my XCP cloud tonight not knowing that XCP licenses expire every 30 days and expired licenses prevent any VMs from being started (and not having any procedure listed anywhere to get a new license). So I reinstall XCP on one machine, get a new 30 day license generated, import the pool data base so the VMs are back and discover it sets the damn license back to the expired date!

So now I'm down totally. I can't start anything, I can't restore anything, I can't regenerate a new license for any of the machines without abandoning everything. Is there ANY way to get a new license on these without starting over from ground zero?



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