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[Xen-API] [PATCH 0 of 4] CA-38567: Make Xapi more I/O error sensitive

VDI copy/init/provision ops in xapi are all buffered. Means I/O
completes only deferred. The agent should carefully sync back buffers
to disk and test file status, or gust corruption goes unnoticed.

Presently covers:
 * XVA import
 * Raw VDI import
 * VDI.copy
 * VM.provision (e.g. the Debian Etch post-installation script)

There might be more, which I've been missing then.

Some of the changes below just use O_SYNC on the output fd. Most
assume a prior xen-api-libs patch to make Unixext.fsync provide the
necessary error detail. See related hg-email.

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