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[Xen-devel] Generic PV Guests on XCP?

Has anyone attempted to run a generic (read non Linux/Windows) paravirtualized guest OS instance on XCP -0.1.1?  A good example would just be building mini-OS and running it as a guest instance on XCP.  My company has PV OS prototype version of one of its products that has been running on non-XCP versions of Xen and I would like to evaluate whether XCP is a suitable platform.  In order to do this I need to get past some pretty basic questions and issues.  For example, if you were to run mini-OS in a VM, what template would you start with?  I started out with "Other install media" but it is unclear if that is appropriate.  I was able to create the guest instance shown below, but that leads to the other questions, i.e.


1)      How do the old config file startup parameters for my OS instance map to the new ‘xe’ syntax, e.g.


memory = 2048



2)      How do I connect to the serial console on the OS instance?  For instance, when I do:


[root@xenserver-wvgdltag ios]# xe console-list

uuid ( RO)             : 0d5dfe39-c2e7-c042-6a2c-b02ca0837cd8

          vm-uuid ( RO): e4a25680-8b48-50d2-18bf-a527b4a959c7

    vm-name-label ( RO): PVGonXen

         protocol ( RO): RFB

         location ( RO):



The https connection is not found when I try to open it.   Basically, I want to do the equivalent of ‘xm console uid’ or ‘xm create –c uid’.



Thanks for your help,




[root@xenserver-wvgdltag ios]# xe vm-install template="Other install media" new-name-label=PVGonXen



[root@xenserver-wvgdltag ios]# xe vm-param-set uuid=e4a25680-8b48-50d2-18bf-a527b4a959c7 \

> PV-kernel='/boot/pvg/i86bi-ipbase-ms' \

> PV-args= \

> PV-bootloader= \

> PV-bootloader-args=


[root@xenserver-wvgdltag ios]# xe vm-start uuid=e4a25680-8b48-50d2-18bf-a527b4a959c7

[root@xenserver-wvgdltag ios]# xe vm-list

uuid ( RO)           : 26e0a368-af72-42ec-afb1-4291dc7d6b39

     name-label ( RW): Control domain on host: xenserver-wvgdltag

    power-state ( RO): running



uuid ( RO)           : e4a25680-8b48-50d2-18bf-a527b4a959c7

     name-label ( RW): PVGonXen

    power-state ( RO): running

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