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Re: [Xen-API] XCP Monthly Call Request

I am planning to schedule a monthly XCP meeting for the community and am
struggling with when to host the call. As we are a global community,
there is no single optimal time to host the meeting. In an effort to
support the most likely attendees, please send me your time zone if you
plan to participate in these calls. I will track the most common time
zones in an effort to maximize attendance. All meetings will have notes
taken which will be posted on the Xen.org wiki for those of you unable
to participate.

How about 14:00 UTC.

UTC is the most central timezone, existing half-way between:
* Far eastern timezones such as China, Japan, Korea (~ UTC+8); and
* Far western timezones such as California, Vancouver (UTC-8).

If we hold the meeting at 14:00 UTC, then:
* Far eastern community members can tune in at 22:00 local time
* Far western community members can tune in at 06:00 local time


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