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Re:RE: [Xen-API] api host.power_on

thanks !<br><br>å2010-05-24 17:57:01ï"Dave Scott" <Dave.Scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> åéï
>>         from the doument .there is a api host.power_on .but it seems be 
>> uneffect when i use it .for the xensever .it give me a 
>> error message "missing the plugin " . and for the xcp .it return "internel 
>> error" message . any advices there ? thanks
>You need to configure each host first with a command like:
>Xe host-set-power-on-mode power-on-mode=(iLO,DRAC,wake-on-lan) 
>power-on-config:key1=value1 power-on-config:key2=value2
>Have a look in /etc/xapi.d/plugins/power-on-host

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