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[Xen-API] XAPI vm-start issue. (Build from DDK)


I am trying to build XCP ddk and add some extra code there.

I followed the link
and was able to compile the ddk.
Thanks for that.

But after pushing new compiled xapi:

    a) I am able to execute all xe (cli) commands.
    b) Not able to start a VM , I am getting 'INTERNAL_ERROR', 'Failure(The
VDI xxx is already attached in RW mode; it can't be attached in RO mode.
       This happens after installing the vm and tries to reboot. Simpley
means initially I am able to start the VM but restart is not working.
c) Can see a lot of INVALID_SESSION error message in /var/log/xensource.
    d) Continuously getting the error "performance monitor
D:586431f601d7|monitor_rrds] Ignoring disappeared VM which is rebooting"

Its the same situation even if I wont add my code.

Any help would be appreciated.



Ram Parashar

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