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RE: [Xen-API] Squeezed + slow domain = broken dynamic memory

Hi George,

> Good day.
> I found strange limitation in squeezed code: if domain's balloon does
> not reply to memory change request it marked as 'uncooperative'.
> This cause stops to react to vm-memory-dynamic-set commands and stay
> until xe toolstak restarted.

Hm, I thought if you used vm-memory-dynamic-set then the new memory target 
would still be written in xenstore -- does it remain at the old value?

> As I understand this was done for fast memory regulation. Is any way to
> disable this behavior? (And if some domain's balloon will not reply
> ever, will it stops to work squeezed with other domains?)

There's no way to disable the behaviour. However other domains should still 
work ok.
> Other question: can I restart squeezed without restarting xapi? Will it
> break something?

Yes you can restart squeezed without restarting xapi. You might get a transient 
failure if someone was using xapi to (eg) start a VM but if you repeat the 
command it should work ok.

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