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Re: [Xen-API] making it easier to install VMs on XCP

Hi George,

> This will be nice, but how we define 'auto-install'? I mean LVM vs
> plain
> partition, network settings, enabled ssh and so on? I think this kind
> of
> problem is bother all virtualization players and SUSE right now do have
> most advanced solution with yast/autoyast configuration tool.

The general case is certainly very complicated. I'd like to make it really easy 
to install an example configuration for testing/demo purposes ("xe vm-install"; 
"xe vm-start" and you're done). Probably the best we can do for the more 
complicated cases is attempt to support the tools the distro makers create.

> N.B. I add some proposal about pre-shipped initrd/kernel.

Thanks for adding some ideas to the wiki! I like the 
automatic-switch-to-VM-console idea in particular.


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