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[Xen-API] maximal allowed parallelism

Good day.

Some question is bother me for long long time. How many parallel operations can xapi performs? By experiment I can be sure xapi can perform no more than one migration accepting process on host (and AFAIK reboot/start/shutdown).

But what is the real limit for following operations:

1) Sending VM (migration transmitting) (per host)
2) Migration per pool (f.e. from host A to host B and in same time for other VM from host C to host D)
3) VBD plug per host, per pool
4) VIF plug per host, per pool
5) reboot/shutdown per host, per pool
6) start per host, per pool
7) VDI creating per host (SRmaster?), per pool for single shared SR, per pool per SR

I think after confirming that I'll post data to wiki, so I'd like to get more verified information.


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