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Re: [Xen-API] [Xen-devel] bug in xenstored? No notification to subscription on @introduceDomain

Please don't top post and don't drop people/lists from the CC. I have
reinstated xen-devel and refrained from trimming the quotes as heavily
as I normally would.

Counter to my own advice I have also dropped xen-hosts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
because last time I got a bounce in Russian to the effect that the group
does not exist (according to google translate).

On Mon, 2011-12-12 at 12:10 +0000, George Shuklin wrote:
> Thanks for reply.
> The problem is we tried at least two different libraries - xs (+python 
> xen.lowlevel.xs) and our own library (pyxs), created from scratches on 
> pure python - both shows exactly same behavior. We loosing same time 
> @introduce and @release, but only for new domains. Older domains (which 
> starts before error appear) during shutdown/migration sends  @release 
> normally.
> I done strace, nothig is sending by xenstored to application socket when 
> 'new' domains appears and disappears (I'm not sure 100% due not very 
> good strace skills).
> Application performs write/read operations to/from xenstore (and do many 
> subscriptions, but only after @introduce) and older subscription works fine.
> PS We got other strange bug with memory leak in xenstored (happens only 
> with big amount of transactions, and ONLY with socket) - but this case 
> is still under research, so I decide not to post this (but may be it 
> related somehow?).

Are the two event correlated? i.e. is the oxenstored process huge when
these failures occur? Inability to allocate memory could explain some of
your symptoms although I'd expect it to be more fatal more quickly and
obviously than what you describe or to have wider impact.

> Sorry for question - how I can gather debug information for oxenstored?

What sort of debug information are you after?

There are various logging options which you could turn up to 11
in /etc/xensource/xenstored.conf but I do not have a complete list of
what they are, similarly for command line options -- perhaps someone on
xen-api@ could chime in? Otherwise looking in the source might be the
best way to find out what they are, try xenstore.ml, parse_args.ml
logging.ml would be good places to start. (if having done so you feel
motivated to write a patch to add docs/man/oxenstored.1.pod we would be
much obliged...)


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