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Re: [Xen-API] [Xen-users] New name for Kronos? [was XCP 1.5 availability]

On 14.12.2011 21:28, Mike McClurg wrote:
I think we should use the name "XCP" only for the appliance,
and maybe just "XAPI toolstack" for the packages in Debian/Ubuntu?

Does that make sense? Some people are getting confused about what XCP is..

I think that does make sense, Pasi. For the Debian packages, I think I'd
like to call them the "XCP toolstack" packages. And for a Debian host
with the XCP toolstack installed, perhaps we should just call it a
Kronos host? I'd like the name Kronos to drop away, but it seems like
the easiest way to differentiate the two.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

XCP is Xen Cloud Platform, which means it provides ready-out-of-box system. This includes every piece of current installation, includes xs-tools.iso, pre-created iso sr and other stuff. When we talking about toolstack it must be toolstack, not the 'platfrorm'. We can note XCP in description, but definitively not in name.

In our internal documentation I usually call all stuff around xapi (includes patched LVM, SM and so on) as xapi-toolstack. I think this will make very easy to understand model.

           +xend toolstack (Open Source, by community)
/ +----- XenServer (Proprientary, by Citrix) / + appiances ----+ -----Xen Cloud Platform (Open Source, by Citrix)
       /                                  /
Xen + xapi toolstack -----+ ------kronos (Open source, ... by community?)

If this looks ugly I've attach litte diagram in png. (If someone needs for SVG, ask)

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