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[Xen-API] [BUG?] vhd-parent missing after snapshot removal

Good day.

Found strange behavior (bug?) in xapi: it removes vhd-parent from sm-config of VDI after removing most recent snapshot.

How to reproduce:

VDI=`xe vdi-create ....`
SN1=`xe vdi-snapshot uuid=$VDI`
(perform some write operations on VDI to force creation of second base copy)
SN2=`xe vdi-snapshot uuid=$VDI`
xe vdi-destroy uuid=$SN2
xe vdi-list uuid=$VDI params=sm-config

sm-config vhd-parent: uuid_of_corresponding_base_copy

sm-config contains no vhd-parent.

Why this important? vhd-parent links alllows to calculate sizes of all VHD's, related to snapshot/clone tree. Without vhd-parent we need to rely on snapshort-of and snapshots fields, which are not really reliable (vdi-clone break the chain).

This bug does not affects snapshot functionality, AFAIK real VDI chain is reconstructed from internal headers of VDI, but affects software using XenAPI.


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