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Re: [Xen-API] Kronos: bonded interfaces


 /usr/lib/xcp/lib/interface-reconfigure is a no-op.
And the reason it fails silently is (from /usr/lib/xcp/bin/xe-reset-networking):

os.system(interface_reconfigure + if_args + ' >/dev/null 2>/dev/null')

On 20/12/2011, at 4:05 PM, Dave Whitla wrote:

> After much pain I managed to get a bonded management interface on my pool 
> master.
> I then, following the advice of the XenServer 6.0 Administrator's Guide, 
> configured the bonded interface for VM traffic before adding any pool slaves.
> I then cleanly installed two machines (Debian Wheezy + Open vSwitch + xcp 
> packages from the xcp unstable repo).
> When I joined the new slaves to the pool the bonds were reversed bond0 was 
> attached to the wrong network as xapi1 instead of xapi0 so I was unable to 
> make bond0 the management interface as it has no IP.
> I've now tried every possible combination over the last 24 hours to get this 
> working.
> None of the network related xe tools work - they all barf with exceptions.
> The Xencenter UI won't let me delete networks, bonds or anything else.
> I can't remove the broken machines from the pool.
> The whole things a bit of a mess.
> Has anyone tested bonded networking?
> Incidentally, in arriving at my present situation I discovered that the 
> bridge names xenbr# and xapi# are hard-coded somewhere so it is necessary to 
> create bridges of the same same in /etc/network/interfaces.
> Why a bridge is required for the management interface at all beats me.
> xe host-management-reconfigure never works because the interface you are 
> switching to can't possibly have an IP yet - because what you are trying to 
> do is migrate the IP from eth0 to bond0 (xenbr0 to xapi0 is required by xapi).
> It would seem as though some library behind xe is silently failing to 
> reconfigure host networking correctly.
> Being fluent in about a dozen programming languages, but none of them OCaml, 
> I have no idea where to start looking.
> I'd be very grateful for any assistance.
> Sorry if this sounds more like a whine than a plea for help - I'm frazzled 
> after 24 hours straight beating my head against the desktop.
> Dave
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