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Re: [Xen-API] XFS / EXT4 SR git patch

(CC'ing xen-api, since this is useful for everyone)

On 21/12/11 03:22, Outback Dingo wrote:
> Heres a patch from the latest git tree i pulled for the XFS / EXT4 work 
> attached
> Ive got it running on kronos without issues at the moment, and VMs are running
> patch attached.. thanks guys.

Very cool! For everyone on the list, Outback Dingo wrote a wiki page
describing how this works:

Outback Dingo, I saw in my IRC logs from last night that you wanted
commit privileges. The nice thing about hosting our code on github is
that you don't need to be given commit privileges in order to contribute
to XCP.

Create a github account. Go to my github page, and fork the
xcp-storage-managers repository. Clone the repo to your local box, make
the changes, and push back to github.

Then you can create a pull request, which will basically ask me to pull
your changes into my repo. Anyone can create a pull request, and any of
the commiters can then pull and commit the change, if it passes review.

Since the XCP toolstack and XenServer are the same code base, we will
need to do some work to make sure that additional features like these
are installed in XCP, and not in XenServer - as a dev, I can decide what
goes into XCP, but not what goes into XenServer.

So, as an experiment, why don't you try submitting your code as a pull
request to my github repo? This is the process that all of our internal
devs use, and this is how we'd like to start accepting external
contributions as well. Please let me know if you run into any issues!


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