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On 22.12.2011 00:45, Scott Zupek wrote:
I am re-installing XCP 1.1 via ISO and it looks like it can't find the raid controller driver because it's listing all the drives individually.

Since I am not very familiar with the Linux side of Raid, do I need to download the Linux driver (if there is even one available) and put it on a floppy like Windows?

Motherboard = ASUS M5A97EVO
RAID Controller AMD SB950 chipset

Raid type = 1+0 *aka raid 10

First, please, never reply to maillist with new topic, you causing wrong thread ordering of messages. If you wish to start new topic, just write it to maillist address.

Second, there is two issues:

1) Don't use fake raid under linux. Linux has perfect software raid, which much more reliable and much less troublemaking, compare to fake raid (you device is fake raid, because it don't actually do anything with drives). 2) Sad to say, but XCP have very serious issues with raid support. We using software raid with XCP in our company, but we created very specifically crafted ISO image with lots ad-hoc fixes and hacks. I can't recommend do this to anyone, who don't really deep enough in XCP to do this by himself.

So, you have to opportunities:
a) use real hardware raid (to get raid array as  /dev/sda).
b) Do not use raid in anyway (configure fake raid to HBA mode) - use external storage and don't bother for XCP system drive. If host die, no data will be lost.

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