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Re: [Xen-API] Help, about build xcp.

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  • Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 11:08:47 -0600
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The ISO is the most simple way to get XCP installed.  Be aware that this is a hypervisor product w/ the XCP platform attached.  You just boot from the cd and install away.  Then you need something like Xen Center or I guess something called Xen Open Manager if you want an easy to use GUI interface to created, deleted and edit VMs.

If your goal is to run XCP ontop of a distro such as Debian or Ubuntu, then you need to change the Kernel and I would recommend the XCP Wiki and Xen Hypervisor wiki as the best place to start over. This part was such a pain for me (since I want to manage it with a GUI and not a command line) that I eventually just ended up giving up on XEN.  But you need the XEN Hypervisor installed first, then you can install XCP(from my undestanding).

If you are just trying to use one machine as a server for your VM Host, then I recommend the ISO as it's the most "plug and pray" method available.

If your hardware is in some manner that isn't supported by the ISO, then you will need to get things going to set it up correctly w/ the proper kernel.

If this becomes too confusing (as it has for me) there are other software options available such as Qemu and KVM.  But I wouldn't jump on those unless you have exhausted all options and time on getting XEN up and running. Just focus on getting the Xen Hypervisor running (which i believe there is even a pkg available for) then worry about getting XCP installed.


On 12/28/11 8:27 AM, Hu Xuelei wrote:
Hi, I'am new in Xen Cloud Platform.
I have download the source code iso from http://downloads.xen.org/XCP/42052/sources/source-1.iso, but I do not know how to build it.There are too many directories, rpms.
I have tried to build the Xen in the ISO, but failed. I have searched many website, I found nothing. I even tried diffierent linux, such as REHL 5 x86_64, CentOS 5.5 32bit, failed at last too.
I felt very bad at this time, I really do not know how to make a progress.
If any one know something, please help me. thanks.

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