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[Xen-API] BalloonWorkerThread issue

Hello List,

Merry Christmas to all !!

Basically I'm trying to boot a Windows 2008R2 DC HVM with 90GB static max memory and 32GB static min.

The node config is Dell M610 with X5660 and 96GB RAM and its running XCP 1.1

Many times the node crashes while booting HVM. Sometimes I get success.
I have attached the HVM boot log of successful start. Many times the node hangs as soon as the BalloonWorkerThread is activated.

In attached txt the ballon inflation rate is constant 4090
XENUTIL: BalloonWorkerThread: inflated balloon by 4090 page(s) in 7924ms (2064k/s) 

till the time it starts, the inflation rate shoots to 12554884 and the VM is live.
XENUTIL: BalloonWorkerThread: inflated balloon by 12554884 page(s) in 32604ms (91243k/s)
XENUTIL: BalloonWorkerThread: de-activating
XENUTIL: XenevtchnMapResources setting callback irq to 11

Can some one help me understand the BalloonWorkerThread behavior ?

Many thanks,

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