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Re: [Xen-API] [Xen-users] XCP 1.5 availability

Thank you Mike.
One more question: I am familiar with the wiki page about the differences between XCP and XenServer. I was wondering if one of the feature I care will be in Boston, i.e. the support for GPU passthrough as exposed in XenServer. My end goal is to consolidate in one fat box my workstation and server needs and GPU passthrough is required. Looking forward for the first bits to be available, thanks for your kind answer

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On 06/12/11 19:57, Enzo Lombardi wrote:
Is there any nightly build, dev build, morning build of XCP 1.5?
I saw a message mentioning "end of September", what happened to this
release? What is the delay and what does the schedule looks like?

Hi Enzo,

We had hoped for a September beta at one point, but clearly this hasn't
happened. We're currently aiming for a January alpha release. The delays
have been due to our focus on Project Kronos, where we are porting the
XCP toolstack to run on Debian and Ubuntu. The core XCP team consists of
only two people, and Kronos turned out to be quite a time consuming
project. At the same time, we are still committed to providing the
traditional XCP "appliance", as well as XCP on Debian and Ubuntu.

The problem with the XCP appliance and it's slow releases is mainly due
to our internal build system. In the past, the XCP team has had to do a
lot of manual work to convert each XenServer release into an XCP
release. Over the last year we have been tweaking our build system, and
parts of our toolstack code, to do this work for us.

The last bits of this work are almost complete. Once they are complete,
we will be able to start providing regular development snapshots of XCP,
and will be able to provide a more regular release cadence. Until this
work is complete, we don't feel that it would be worthwhile to release
an alpha of XCP 1.5, because we know it will be broken, due to the
incompleteness of our build system and toolstack changes.

I'm sorry again for the delay to XCP 1.5. We hope that the work we're
doing pays off in that future releases won't be so delayed, and
development snapshots will finally be possible. Thanks for the continued
interest in XCP.


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