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Re: [Xen-API] Xapi browsing tool/software

On 05/01/12 10:25, Pankaj Kumar Biswas wrote:
> Hi Team,
> Do we have any source browsing tool for xapi  (specially ocaml sources)
> ??  Since the source insight does not support .ml/.mli extensions. So I
> was wondering I can get some help here. I know about the open GROK but
> it a resource hungry stuff and it needs lots of RAM to run java processes.
> Any help will be really appreciated.

I use emacs and vim for reading and writing code. They both have OCaml
modes (for emacs, get tuareg mode). Emacs also has Emacs Code Browsing
mode (ecb-mode), which is as close as emacs gets to an IDE like Visual
Studio or Eclipse.

If you really want to just browse code, Eclipse also has an OCaml mode.
But it's not very mature and I haven't had really good luck with it.
OCaml itself comes with a tool called ocamlbrowse, but I don't like that
much either and I don't think it's what you want.


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