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[Xen-API] compiling xen-api-libs and xen-api master branches


It should now be possible to "git clone" and "make" the master branches of 
xen-api-libs and xen-api (tested by me on debian unstable)

As Mike and Jon know from their packaging experience :) there are a number of 
functions missing from the upstream xenctrl package. For the moment I've 
created a "xenctrlext" package (IIRC this was Ian Campbell's idea originally) 
which either implements these features or throws an exception if they're 
missing. Over time we can shrink this package, by either deleting stuff or 
merging it upstream somehow.

Hopefully this makes everything a bit easier to hack on, and hopefully it'll 
also help remove some of the patches needed by the packages.

Let me know what you think!


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