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Re: [Xen-API] CentOS RPMS on XCP (temperature monitoring)

  From: "Jordan Tomkinson" <jordan@xxxxxxxxxx>
  Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 23:12:55 +0800

  Hi list,

  I know there has been some threads in the past about using
  CentOS/RedHat RPMS on XCP and I understand that XCP has
  its own SDK for drivers and kernel related packages.

  I want to be able to monitor temperatures on our XCP
  server, to do this i need 3 packages: lm_sensors,
  smartmontools and mailx

  as these are fairly simple packages, would I be OK to
  install the RPMS from the original CentOS 5 i386 mirror ?

  can anyone foresee any breakages by installing these

I've tried installing these in my XCP 1.1 testbed and had no
problems, and as I remember smartmontools worked just fine,
although I note that I also compiled a current version of it
on a standard CentOS 5.5. system to try to get past the RAID
controllers I'm using which hide their disks' SMART info
(I just moments ago was told that this info is under NDA so it
can't be in the open source version).

However the old CentOS 5.5 version of lm_sensors found but
didn't recognize my Supermicro X9SCM (Sandy Bridge Couger
Point) motherboard's chip.  The current version did find it,
but I had what appeared to be version skew problems with
loading the kernel module needed (between CentOS 5.5 and
it's expected 2.6.18 kernel and the 2.6.32 in XCP???).

Here's what I found when I drilled down in debugging:

modprobe -v w83627ehf


FATAL: Error inserting w83627ehf 
 No such device

  is there a better way to obtain CPU/disk temperatures from

I'd like to know if there's *any* way for the CPU and fans,
at least for these modern boards I'm using.  Besides
Supermicro's IMPI, of course.

None of this installation of RPMs or running the programs,
old CentOS 5.5. or new, compiled from scratch versions,
compromised the operation of XCP/xapi/Xen/etc. etc.

- Harold

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