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Re: [Xen-API] [Openstack] [Openstack-devel] XENAPI_PLUGIN_FAILURE with kronos

> I'm not using CentOS, but Debian (project Kronos). And in there, you just
> need to do:
> apt-get install nova-xcp-plugins nova-xcp-network
> which installs the above in the correct folders (which are *NOT* the same as
> for CentOS). I'd love to have a bit of help from Citrix to test all this by 
> the way.
Cool, that is the usual cause of that error out the way.

First, looks like you have some dodgy configuration (worth looking at devstack 
to see some useful flag changes, the defaults only really work for KVM):
2012-03-13 05:41:31 WARNING nova.virt.libvirt.firewall [-] Libvirt module could 
not be loaded. NWFilterFirewall will not work correctly.

A better choice is: firewall_driver="nova.virt.firewall.IptablesFirewallDriver" 
(or the Dom0 based one)

But I doubt that is causing you a problem yet.

Normally I would expect to see a stack trace telling me the error in the 
xcp-xapi log (presumably similar to /var/log/xensource.log on XenServer?):
[20120313T05:41:31.468Z| info|node4407.gplhost.com|1363|Async.host.call_plugin 
R:71f0f3bb3086|dispatcher] spawning a new thread to handle the current task 
R:71f0f3bb3086|audit] Host.call_plugin host = 
'ee61ea48-ad10-a478-3f7a-3bb9fd7df802 (node4407.gplhost.com)'; plugin = 
'xenhost'; fn = 'host_data'; args = [  ]
R:71f0f3bb3086|xapi] Raised at forkhelpers.ml:181.30-76 -> 
R:71f0f3bb3086|backtrace] Raised at xapi_plugins.ml:45.7-100 -> 
message_forwarding.ml:233.25-44 -> rbac.ml:229.16-23
R:71f0f3bb3086|backtrace] Raised at hashtbl.ml:93.19-28 -> debug.ml:100.36-65
R:71f0f3bb3086|dispatcher] Server_helpers.exec exception_handler: Got exception 
XENAPI_PLUGIN_FAILURE: [ non-zero exit; ;  ]

It is worth noting that the plugins were written for XenServer 5.6, which means 
they are written for python 2.4, but I don't think that is the problem here 

A few possible issues:
* you might not have the execute permissions set on the xenhost plugin file? On 
XenServer that means it fails to register the plugin.
* Does kronos have xe installed? And does the user running the compute service 
have access? The first line of code in the plugin that might fail is: 
_run_command("xe host-param-list uuid=%s" % host_uuid)

Hope that helps,

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