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I am trying to setup nova-compute with a Kronos setup. Everything comes
from the packages in SID (including nova-xcp-network and
nova-xcp-pluggins in the dom0, which we now package in Debian).

When starting nova-compute, I have a python stack dump caused by a
XENAPI_PLUGIN_FAILURE. I have attached the nova-compute.log and
xcp-xapi.log files showing the trace of the crash.

Ewan, Mike, Jon, do you know what's going on?

Also, my understanding of Quantum is that it's for Openstack + KVM, and
that XCP doesn't need it, as the xcp-networkd will do the vFlows work by
itself. Am I right? How does it work?

BTW, I'm writing an automated script, inspired from Ghe's debostack, for
setting-up a domU that would connect to XCP. I might be a good idea to
run this as a Jenkins job. Once I have the above working (eg: Openstack
working with Kronos), I'll share the script, so we always make sure
everything works.

Let me know,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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