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[Xen-API] nova-xcp-network plugin searching for a xapi0 interface


When I start instances with Nova, using XCP on a Debian dom0, it seems
that the Nova XenAPI plugin needs to access to a xapi0 network
interface. If it's not their, the plugin just fails, and there's a
python stack dump.

So I have created a bridge called xapi0 on my dom0, and now I can start
instances. But then, I have no network connectivity to my VMs.

I wonder what this xapi0 network interface is for, and what is the
correct networking model to have connectivity to my instances. When
starting VMs, I don't see any network topology change in the dom0, or in
my Openstack domU, which I think isn't right. Is the "normal" setup
supposed to work with Quantum? Can it work without it?

Can someone from the XenServer team enlighten me with the necessary
knowledge? (The documentation about the necessary network setup is very
scarce: I didn't find anything!)



P.S: Apart from that, it seems to work now with our Debian packages,
even though it seems *very* slow to start instances, and I still can't
get in the console of the VMs... :(

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