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Re: [Xen-API] where find sources for windows software on xs-tools.iso?

On 30 March 2012 19:58, Paul Durrant <Paul.Durrant@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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>> From: Joseph Glanville [mailto:joseph.glanville@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>> Sent: 30 March 2012 09:45
>> To: Paul Durrant
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>> Subject: Re: [Xen-API] where find sources for windows software on xs-
>> tools.iso?
>> Hi Paul,
>> What are the major differences between the Citrix drivers and GPLPV?
> Joseph,
>  How about 'the entire codebase' as an answer ;-) There's no connection 
> between the two and not being familiar with the current state of GPLPV I 
> can't really compare and contrast at a functional level.

Hehe fair enough. :P

>> Can one use the Citrix drivers on Xen.org 4.1.2?
>  Yes. The EULA allows them to be used on open source Xen. I've had them 
> working myself on a private build of xen-unstable and a PVops dom0 kernel.
>> I remember playing with them a while ago but had an issue where the Citrix
>> shutdown monitor was polling a xenstore address that didn't exist ( I think
>> this was on 4.0 and the drivers were for Boston..
>> which AFAIK is 4.1-testing based)
> You may well get issues with older guest agents dying and re-spawning because 
> of xenstore keys it expects to find and doesn't. I suggest using the package 
> from the recent Sanibel hotfix, XS602E002. The drivers and guest agent 
> therein should be fine on open source Xen and a PVops kernel although I have 
> not tried them myself.
>  Paul

Thanks Paul, that should be plenty to get me started. :)


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