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[Xen-API] XCP 1.1 - poor disk performance, high load and wa

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  • Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 17:43:18 +0100
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I've installed XCP 1.1 from latest available ISO on Hetzner's 4S
server with usage of md raid 1 and LVM for local storage repository.
The problem Im seeing is extremely poor disk performance - importing
vm file that was exported in ~3m from another XCP 1.1 (also Hetzner's
server, but bit older one, EQ6) takes up to 2 hours, and in meantime
the dom0 becomes almost unusable, the load goes up to 2, it has
constant 50% (or higher) of wa(it) and is extremely sluggish.

Now, I wouldnt mind the sluggishness of dom0, but 2h for vm import
seems crazy and unacceptable. I've made multiple installations of the
server to make sure I am not doing anything wrong, but the same setup
works flawless on older machine. I've tested the drives and they seem
to be fine, with up to ~170mb/s throughtput on SATA3.

Is there anything else I can check to see if its hardware problem, or
anything that could be configured on dom0 to make it operational and

Kind regards,

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