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[Xen-API] vif added as pif to database

Good day.

Few month ago I reported bug when vif was added as PIF to database.

Now I found way to reproduce this:

xe vif-create network-uuid=$NET_UUID vm-uuid=$DOM0_UUID device=1 mac=f4:03:02:01:00:01
xe vif-plug uuid=$NEWVIF_UUID
xe pif-scan host-uuid=$HOST_UUID
xe pif-list

root@lab-xh4:~# xe pif-list
uuid ( RO)                  : 62cdddc5-89ad-38e0-e9af-879df66e409d
                device ( RO): eth0
    currently-attached ( RO): true
                  VLAN ( RO): -1
          network-uuid ( RO): 7c83b83f-c356-a22f-3e94-36361d769853

uuid ( RO)                  : b953d1a0-6031-6ed5-1025-886fd9735b23
                device ( RO): vif0.1
    currently-attached ( RO): false
                  VLAN ( RO): -1
          network-uuid ( RO): 7f5d8a62-8074-0944-cb24-2624d6b2b1b6

uuid ( RO)                  : 77aa1871-a3ca-890f-651f-6967c9e598f2
                device ( RO): eth1
    currently-attached ( RO): false
                  VLAN ( RO): -1
          network-uuid ( RO): a382a1b9-8614-c4d0-1195-d0e9a9da6aed

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