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Re: [Xen-API] Newbie Questions

On 05/10/12 13:33, P. Broennimann wrote:
> Hi there
> I downloaded the new XCP 1.6 beta release (using together with XenCenter
> 6.1) and I am doing my first steps with it.
> 1) Why when I create a new "Single Server Private Network" the bridge is
> named "xapi0" and not "xenbr1" ("xenbr0" exists by default)?

That's just what XCP calls them. I wish I had a better answer than that.

> 2) I have a PV guest (Ubuntu headless server 12.04.1/32). The storage is
> a default 8 gbytes drive. I could resize the disk in XenCenter (Storage
> tab) to 16 gbytes. Now I need to boot from a separate live-CD to adjust
> the VM's filesystem. I tried (using "Start in Recovery Mode" feature)
> the latest "Knoppix Live CD" and "GParted Live CD". Both do not boot.
> They start booting but then stop before showing any graphical console...
> What am I doing wrong here?

Your VM is paravirtualised, meaning that it expects the guest OS to know
what to do as a guest. Those live CDs probably aren't set up to be Xen
guests, so they fail (I'm guessing).

What you could do is just add a new VDI to your system, and mount it in
the guest. Or you could start over with a bigger disk. You don't have to
use the default.


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