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Re: [Xen-API] Newbie Questions

Hi Peter,

I downloaded the new XCP 1.6 beta release (using together with XenCenter
6.1) and I am doing my first steps with it.

1) Why when I create a new "Single Server Private Network" the bridge is
named "xapi0" and not "xenbr1" ("xenbr0" exists by default)?

2) I have a PV guest (Ubuntu headless server 12.04.1/32). The storage is
a default 8 gbytes drive. I could resize the disk in XenCenter (Storage
tab) to 16 gbytes. Now I need to boot from a separate live-CD to adjust
the VM's filesystem. I tried (using "Start in Recovery Mode" feature)
the latest "Knoppix Live CD" and "GParted Live CD". Both do not boot.
They start booting but then stop before showing any graphical console...
What am I doing wrong here?

Xen paravirt machines do not have graphical hardware emulated. So you may have a hard time getting a graphical console (you may still have one though with vnc,x2go,xrdp,etc.)

If your live cd is paravirt aware, then it should boot (disclaimer : I've never used the "recovery mode" feature), but you would need to choose a text only interface.

As for resizing the hard drive, you can do it directly in the running VM. If your disk is raw lvm partition it should be straight forward. If your disk is partitioned in the good old bios way, you can use fdisk or parted to manipulate the partition table. You may have to reboot for the change to be taken into accound.

Another way, like it was mentionned is to attach your VDI to another VM and resize it from there.

Hope this help,


Thanks & cheers,

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