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Re: [Xen-API] XcP 1.6 Beta - watchout to not import corrupted XVA - VDI impossible to destroy & no task/operation to cancel ! (UPDATE : fix/workaround found!)

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  • From: George Shuklin <george.shuklin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 03:50:47 +0400
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Well, actually that problem is very easy to fix.

when you importing, XCP creates temporal vbd (link) between VDI and dom0 (control domain - that domain actually reply to ping for host and do all job to serve other domains). After that xapi (core part of xcp) performs unpacking and vdi filling.

When operation stalls (bad, bad, looks like a bug), manual fix is very simple:

a) find who is connected to VDI. Very easy - search xapi output for vbd, connected to control domains (if you have more that one host; if you using single host, control domain is unique).

next: attempt to do vbd-unplug. If it fails you need to terminate process, which keeps vbd unpluggable. Usually it is the xapi or some hanged tapdisk you cat detect by content of /proc/PID/fd symlinks to VDI path (xvda, xvdb and so on for XCP 1.1, /dev/sm/... for XCP 1.6).

You can restart xapi toolstack with command xe-toolstack-restart.

After that vbd can be unplugged (if not, yes, host reset is last option), and you can destroy 'bad' VDI (xe vbd-unplug, xe vdi-destroy).

Kinda easy if you will look to xapi not as black box with strange properties.

10.10.2012 03:28, Melvin Br. пишет:

The Question is :

-How to force delete/destroy one VDI that cannot be destroy because of one operation/task that is not show in task-list, so cannot be cancel, and cannot end even on reboot.


(UPDATE : fix/workaround found!) :

The solution is to change the VDI device position from 0 to 1. And then now! I’m able to delete/destroy the VDI, even from XenCenter and CLI.

Somehow this fix the problem but this is only a workaround…



So… ( for the long story : )

The problem begin like this : I download a corrupted XVA of WebSService of 50mb ( normaly is 200mb )

And I did not notice that until that I importing on XcP 1.6 and that it  was taking to long and never stop.

So I cancel the import.  I try to delete the VDI, but was impossible. ( VDI show :  Control domain on host ...)

I check the last list, but, nothing to cancel ..  ( the task was been cancel when I click cancel in XenCenter, I think..)

So I reboot XcP. Normaly problems like that end, when I reboot.

But now here the reel problem that I not able to fix without a complete reinstall of XcP.

The VDI is now impossible to delete/destroy because XcP say that : « This operation cannot be performed because this VDI is in use by some other operation »

But what operation? what tast ??

 I check task-list and the only task that I got is  one from another vm : « Connection to VM console »

The VDI I want to --force destroy show in XenCenter show  : « Control domain on host ... »

So How to force delete/destroy one VDI that cannot be destroy because of one operation/task that  cannot be list on task-list and cannot end on reboot.


I wanted to the community to know this problem after all, even if the first problem was to not checking the validity of the imported XVA.


Watch out for corrupted Xva! And

Thank you for reading my poor english, and please excuse me !


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