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[Xen-API] usb passthrough (was : Re: how to shutdown hosts in pool)

Hi Clayton,

first, please stay on the list, do not email directly.

second, you have to start a new subject in a new mail. Please don't (ab)use existing thread for new questions.

>            It helps, thank you! I got annother proble, can vm read usb
> just like vmware workstation?

vmware workstation, like its named implies is for workstations. Things are kinda different on server.

There is some support for usb passthrough in vanilla xen (http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Xen_USB_Passthrough). However I've not heard about support for this in xenserver.

Anyway I would advise you to use usb over ip adapter to deal with this problem. Indeed when you migrate a VM, a physicaly attached dongle would have some issue migrating by itself at the same time.


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