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[Xen-API] [XCP-BUG] High amount of NFSv3 "getattr" from Pool Master

Hello List,

I have multiple Pools of XCP1.1 and XCP1.5beta. I'm sorry but I dont have production XCP1.6b to check it.
There is a strange issue on Pool master where NFS v3 "getattr" % is very high. Slave nodes are damn low on "getattr" %

#nfsstat on Master node gives me getattr % as 76% leaving low read % and write %.
Slave nodes are almost 0% leaving near 70-30% ratio for read write.

Has anyone else noticed this ? Is there a way we can disable the getattr as its not at all required for most of the environments.

Also, on the same note of NFS, I would like to know why XCP is not making NFSv4 as default ?
Is there any technical reason for it or are there any known bugs for it ?

A quick google shows that with few tweaks we can make XCP work on NFSv4

Thanks for reading and I appreciate your response.

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