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Re: [Xen-API] [xen-api] maxmem_kb leak during migration (#955)

It's not the memory, actually, but maxmem value (just an internal Xen limit for domain). That leak do not cause any direct damage (like 'out of memory' condition for host), but just raise a theoretical memory limit for domain, so domain can (if want) can ask for more, more and more memory beyond static-max limit of xapi for that VM.

03.01.2013 19:18, jeromemaloberti ÐÐÑÐÑ:

The memory is requested by xapi through squeezed, but then transfered to xen.
Well, if you have an idea how to fix it, I will be very happy to test it when I return from holiday :).
However, I don't know what xen is actually doing with the additional memory. If it is just used during the migration, that's fine, but if xen keeps using it after, it will be a problem. Any suggestion ?

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