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[Xen-API] XCP and opensource cloud options

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  • Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2013 13:30:10 -0500
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Hello everyone

I am looking into options into implenting a cloud using the latest XCP release, 6809c, and am well not positive which direction to go,

There is of course many options, or at least 3 that I have been really looking at,

There is openstack, opennubula and of course cloudstack.

From my understanding, XCP 1.6 was built primarily for cloudstack, and requires little or no modification to dom0, which is comforting.

Cloudstack seems to be the optimal choice, yet this openstack movement and community is very large, there is extensive documentation on it, yet it just seems that there may be "too much" documentation, I see many conflicts with regards to storage options, such as "Swift" and "cinder" which looks more like "swift vs cinder", there is conflicts between nova-network and quantum, then there are issue's with regards

Openstack from my reading needs several modifications to dom0, including the addition of plugins/packages, which of course is not the most appealing considering that XCP already has an enormous amount of possibilities.

Opennubula seems to be nice and clean, the documentation is not nearly as extensive as openstack, yet it seems to be a bit more logical and less "fluffy", it is primarily a european project, that is gaining some ground here in North America, the reason I mention geography is the fact that I would like to potentially partner up what I provisioned for this "cloud" with North American member's, as from my ideal cloud is one that is large not in local size, but in geographic size. That is, mutual relationships between other member's of the projects and equal sharing of resources for HA and of course failover's and DR.

So it would be of course ideal to provision resources between the partner's of the cloud, which would theoretically have the exact same implications as to have everything under "one roof", as location A (the local) host would support location B's (the partner's host) resources...

I guess my question is, has anyone used any of these solutions? and what did you think about them? Your input would be immensely appreciated.
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