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Re: [Xen-API] VM Migration Bug?

Oh, seems like you got a duplicate domain on some host. Check (manually that that domain is not running on target host (or any host in target's pool), list_domains). And check that vm is removed from target pool (no xe vm-list uuid=... entry). If some correction was made (f.e. stray domain killed), xapi service restart may be need on every host in target's pool.

11.01.2013 16:58, Dave Avent ÐÐÑÐÑ:
Some more info:

I have tracked this down to VM's created using the API (in my case using the 
Ruby Fog libraries). I am assuming that these libraries are going something 
incorrectly but I cannot figure out exactly what XCP has issues with.

To answer your questions they are separate hosts not in a pool.

The relevant log entries are here: https://gist.github.com/4510441



On 10 Jan 2013, at 23:40, George Shuklin wrote:

Are those hosts in same pool or in separate pools? If same pool, shared
SR or local? Anyway, details should be in /var/log/xensource.log (too
much details, actually).

10.01.2013 14:49, Dave Avent ÐÐÑÐÑ:
I am having issues with migrating VMs between hosts. Here is how I can 
reproduce the problem:

1) Create 2 new VM's (using either a fresh install from Net Install of Debian or from a 
"Golden Image" of a VM previously converted to a Template)

2) Migrate one of the VMs to another hosts

3) Attempt to migrate the same VM back to the original host however it refuses 
and throws:

Cannot restore this VM because it would create a duplicate
vm: OpaqueRef:711f22f3-9e35-b13e-1c35-58e8a578ca0e

What exactly does it think is being duplicated? None of the original assets 
appear to have been left behind (failed to be deleted etc). I can't see why 
this is failing.

Any ideas?

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