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Re: [Xen-API] [xcp] vm import error

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 1:35 AM, Anatoliy.Poloz <Anatoliy.Poloz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

good day xen community

my xcp enveroment is
INSTALLATION_DATE='2011-11-18 05:44:28.782878'

I tried to import a previously saved VM
with the command
"#xe vm-import filename = / var/run/sr-mount/c0da11ed-72d8-1a58-aa94-127035fa28d7/infr-samba-2013-01-02_01-04-01.xva sr-uuid = c0da11ed-72d8-1a58-aa94-127035fa28d7 force=true"

c0da11ed-72d8-1a58-aa94-127035a28d7 - ext3 local sr

the size of imported file 123G

but failed with message "Fatal error: exception Unix.Unix_error(13, "tcsetattr", "")"
and hung task
uuid ( RO) Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â: be568259-c9cd-be13-7da5-8ed2a222e898
     name-label ( RO): VM import
  name-description ( RO):
       status ( RO): pending
      progress ( RO): 0.720

is there any chance to recover VM?

//wbr Anatoliy Poloz

First you probably want to kill the hung task. Get a list of tasks withÂ

xe task-listÂ

Then cancel the pending task withÂ

xe task-cancel uuid=<task UUID>

Once you've done that you can figure out what happened. If it's really talking about a Unix 13 error that's used for Permission denied so perhaps you need to investigate to make sure you have access (permissions, disk space etc...). I'd test by doing an xe vm-export of something smaller and then importing it so you can rule out whether it has to do with a very large VM or not (plus it takes less time).

Grant McWilliams
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