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Re: [Xen-API] xapi sources: Fighting for right commit

On 15.01.2013 21:14, Mike McClurg wrote:
On 11/01/13 02:46, George Shuklin wrote:
Pumping up detective story: which commit from public repository is the
most near to xapi-0.2.src.rpm?
Verdict: commit 0a9de3b should be assumed as commit from public
available repo witch most close to the content of the source ISO for the
XCP 1.6.
I'll publish notes on all new commits from that to the head of tampa-lcm.

PS I really hate that style 'opensource reverse-engineering'.

Wow, sorry you had to go through all that effort! I would have replied to your email sooner, but I was out of the office last week.

We have a strange internal system for creating "product branches" of XenServer and XCP, which basically means that every time we create a new version of XCP or XenServer, we end up copying about 20-30 individual mercurial and git repos. Some of these we end up syncing with a separate github branch. I didn't do that with the XCP 1.6 branch because I wasn't planning on doing active development in that branch.

Of course, that makes it difficult for users and developers to see what actually went into XCP 1.6 "Tampa". To correct this, I've created a new branch on github, called xcp-tampa [1]. This is the branch from which I built the xapi included on the final release of XCP 1.6. If we release updates to xapi, I'll tag the appropriate commit from that branch with xcp-tampa-release, and update that branch.


[1] https://github.com/xen-org/xen-api/tree/xcp-tampa

Thank you very much!

Right now we facing a much more troubles with compilation. F.e. type-conv now is type_conv, something strange happens with rpclight->ocaml-rpc->rpc library and so on.

If someone show way to take generic distro, some repos all around the world and make xapi rpm it whould be really gracious. Because I already spend about four days fighting with ocaml, opam and libraries to get stuff done... I still no success. I already plan set of features to implement in XCP (for example, allow masks in ipv4_allowed/ipv6_allowed fields), but really ashamed I can't say our software engineers how to compile existing code.

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