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[Xen-API] [XCP] xe vdi-create and sharable=true flag

Hi folks. 
I'm trying to figure out what has changed about XCP 1.6 vs XCP 1.1 that is 
seemingly preventing me from creating a VDI that can be attached to multiple 
I maintain a small blog about virtualization and high availability and I 
documented the necessary steps here:


This was done on a stand alone  Dell R610 server using local storage and the 
server is running XCP 1.1 and using this, I was able to  build a 3-node NAS 
cluster on XCP.
Trying to execute these same steps on a similar  server running XCP 1.6, the 
results are not the same. Essentially, the sharable flag for the VDI stays 

Now the conditions have somewhat changed because I'm testing on a server in a 
pool. Would that have any impact? Can anyone think of any other reasons why 
this was working for me and is now seemingly not working? 

Thanks in advance..

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