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Re: [Xen-API] [Xen-users] [XCP] recompiling xapi rpm changes version and licensing details.

On 06/02/13 17:51, Errol Neal wrote:
Hi there. I needed to recompile xapi to fix a bug that was resolved regarding vdi-create 
not setting the sharable flag. I used the sources provided in the source-1.iso from 
xen.org. Everything is good in this regard, and creating a vdi that has 
"sharable=true" is possible, but I had a problem that forced me to revert to 
the older copy of the xapi binary because my XCP box was now being identified as a 
XenServer box.

Hi Errol,

Our build system uses environment variables to inject the PLATFORM_NAME and PLATFORM_VERSION into the RPM. (See the Makefile snippet below). Before you do rpmbuild, you should do:

export PLATFORM_VERSION=1.6.10

You may also want to export a BUILD_NUMBER, but I don't think that this is used for anything so you can probably ignore it.


The interesting bit from Xapi's Makefile:

.PHONY: version
@printf "(* This file is autogenerated. Grep for e17512ce-ba7c-11df-887b-0026b9799147 (random uuid) to see where it comes from. ;o) *) \n \ let git_id = \"$(shell git show-ref --head | grep -E ' HEAD$$' | cut -f 1 -d ' ')\" \n \
        let hostname = \"$(shell hostname)\" \n \
        let date = \"$(shell date -u +%Y-%m-%d)\" \n \
let product_version = Util_inventory.lookup ~default:\"\" \"PRODUCT_VERSION\" \n \ let product_version_text = Util_inventory.lookup ~default:\"\" \"PRODUCT_VERSION_TEXT\" \n \ let product_version_text_short = Util_inventory.lookup ~default:\"\" \"PRODUCT_VERSION_TEXT_SHORT\" \n \
        let platform_name = \"$(PLATFORM_NAME)\" \n \
        let platform_version = \"$(PLATFORM_VERSION)\" \n \
let product_brand = Util_inventory.lookup ~default:\"\" \"PRODUCT_BRAND\" \n \ let build_number = Util_inventory.lookup ~default:\"$(BUILD_NUMBER)\" \"BUILD_NUMBER\" \n \
        let xapi_version_major = $(shell cut -d. -f1 VERSION) \n \
        let xapi_version_minor = $(shell cut -d. -f2 VERSION) \n" \
        > ocaml/util/version.ml

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