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[Xen-API] XCP 1.6 fresh install, config does not exist in xenopsd


I just have installed XCP 1.6 on 4 identical machines. All four boots fine, but they are giving me a wired error on the (serial) console, just after the login prompt:

"The server failed to handle your request, due to an internal error. The given message may give details useful for debugging the problem. message: Object with type VM and id e5080070-fb69-45dd-8462-fa7781acbc19/config does not exist in xenopsd"

The id e5080070-fb69-45dd-8462-fa7781acbc19 corresponds to the control domain on this host. The install is very fresh, I have not joined my nodes in a pool yet or made any other change. The install was automated with a PXE boot and a very simple answers file. I can post the configs, if relevant.

The error message is reproducible on every boot and after a re-install. It is visible only on serial console, since the physical one is occupied by xsconsole curses interface. I was unable to find the reference to this error in the host's logs (did not knew what to look for?).

Everything appear to work normal, but this error is worrying me. Please advice.

Thank you.

Alexandre Kouznetsov

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