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Re: [Xen-API] how to compile XCP source?

Thank you!

It's absolutely amazing.

PS I was able to do this on generic CentOS5.9 machine with few installed packages from binpkg.iso and source-X.iso. I'll retry to get minimal amount of steps and report here.

But now I'm stuck with next step. After I successfully build src.rpm, install it to system and start building (rpmbuild -bb /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/xapi.spec) I got this:

    File not found: /var/tmp/xapi-0.2-root/etc/xapi.d/plugins/DRAC.pyo
    File not found: /var/tmp/xapi-0.2-root/etc/xapi.d/plugins/DRAC.pyc
File not found: /var/tmp/xapi-0.2-root/etc/xapi.d/plugins/extauth-hook-AD.pyo
    File not found: /var/tmp/xapi-0.2-root/etc/xapi.d/plugins/iLO.pyo
    File not found: /var/tmp/xapi-0.2-root/etc/xapi.d/plugins/iLO.pyc
File not found: /var/tmp/xapi-0.2-root/opt/xensource/libexec/InterfaceReconfigure.pyc File not found: /var/tmp/xapi-0.2-root/opt/xensource/libexec/InterfaceReconfigureBridge.pyo File not found: /var/tmp/xapi-0.2-root/opt/xensource/libexec/InterfaceReconfigureBridge.pyc File not found: /var/tmp/xapi-0.2-root/opt/xensource/libexec/InterfaceReconfigureVswitch.pyo

I think I'll find way to ship them inside srpm or change spec, but ...pyc files, should they be packed in rpm? I checked repository and found that xapi.spec file contains them.

01.03.2013 22:30, Mike McClurg пишет:
On 28/02/13 12:22, George Shuklin wrote:
The main problem is not 'environment out of the box' but the exact
versions of libraries, compilers and so on.  Because xapi-libs heavily
depends on random set of libraries outside the xapi source tree, and
there is no way to know witch version to use. Sometimes there is a
situation that xapi depends on library foo and bar, and foo (in
upstream) depends on different (conflicting) version of bar. And it
definitively not compilable on centos5 (because of outdated ocaml for

To be honest I was strong supporter for xapi. But time flows - XCP 0.5,
XCP 1.1, XCP 1.5, XCP 1.6. Every time we found an working ISO with
working binaries we can use like 'free version of XenServer'. But no any
modification of code was possible (no way to build original ISO, or, at
least, original xapi's RPM). That was definitively not a 'free as
freedom', just 'open source'. Some minor stuff in /etc/xensource/scripts
and /opt/xensource/sm with patches, but no any significant changes was
possible. We actually have a huge (over 3k lines) code which simply
doing stuff 'around' xapi instead adding that functions to original code.

Now we got XCP 1.6. Again there is a significant set of changes we want
to add (and share with others!) - but we can't, and we continue to add
'hacks around'. Really, I not very happy about this and start to
thinking about switching to something more 'free as freedom'
visualization stack.

Lack of 'scrach your own itch' is very and very disappointing. I really
don't want to switch away from xapi and want to see some cooperation...

Hi George,

Thanks a lot for the honest feedback. While I'm sorry that things haven't improved much by now, I can honestly say that we really are making it a priority to allow people to build XCP components themselves, and to contribute back to the project. Most of this work is going to be around making the development branches of the XCP toolstack buildable, but we still need to let people using XCP 1.6 to easily rebuild XCP 1.6 components.

To help with this problem, I've created a new repo on github called xcp-sdk [1]. Right now, this is basically just a script that can be run in a CentOS 5.7 environment (though I've only tested it in an XCP 1.6 dom0 running in a VM). The idea is that you can download the prepare script [2], run it, and then do 'cd xen-api; make' to rebuild xapi. It will download a bunch of build dependencies that I've recently put up on downloads.xen.org [3] and install some other stuff from EPEL for you as well.

It's not much, but it's a start. It probably won't let you build the xapi RPM, and it also probably won't let you rebuild the hypervisor or kernel, but that won't take very much more effort to do. I figured I'd share this with everyone now, in the hopes that we can improve it together. Give it a try, and let me know how you get on with it. If you have any issues, raise them on the github repo's issue tracker, and mail the list.


[1] https://github.com/mcclurmc/xcp-sdk
[2] https://raw.github.com/mcclurmc/xcp-sdk/master/prep.sh
[3] http://downloads.xen.org/XCP/61809c/build-deps

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