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Re: [Xen-API] how to compile XCP source?

05.03.2013 12:18, Mike McClurg ÐÐÑÐÑ:

         libxenstore.so.3.0 is needed by

Any ideas? Thanks.

First, try re-running it. If that doesn't work, try manually
installing the RPMs in the ext-rpms directory (rpm -i ext-rpms/*.rpm).
If that doesn't work, were there any other error message prior to the
rpm installs failing?

He trying to install it on clear Centos5, not dom0. There is a set of
binary packages needed from dom0 to install -devel packages, and all
them are in source distribution iso's. As soon as I get exact list, I
think its better to publish them on www (without iso "archiver").

Yes, I agree. Once you get me the list I'll upload them to that location and update the script. Thanks George,

From yum repositories:
yum install SDL e4fsprogs-libs gcc rpm-build tetex-latex

Here minimal list of packages from binpkg.iso and source-1.iso to satisfy ./prep.sh
(list 1)

Files from isos, should be placed in specified location:

(list 2)
 mkdir /javascript/
 mkdir /javascript/jquery
 mkdir /javascript/jquery/treeview

jquery-  -> /javascript/jquery/jquery-
jquery.treeview.zip  -> /javascript/jquery/treeview/jquery.treeview.zip

Whole <s>installation</s> compilation guide is looks like this:

1) Install epel:

wget http://download.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/5/i386/epel-release-5-4.noarch.rpm
rpm -i epel-release-5-4.noarch.rpm
# current part of prep.sh for epel is somehow broken.

2) Install some packages:
yum install SDL e4fsprogs-libs gcc rpm-build tetex-latex

3) download prep.sh script
wget https://raw.github.com/mcclurmc/xcp-sdk/master/prep.sh
chmod +x prep.sh

4) download or copy from ISOs files from list 1 (above)
5) install them.

6) create directories and copy files from list 2 (above)

7) exec ./prep.sh

8) cd xen-api

9) exec fix for pyo/pyc files:
sed -e /.pyo/d -e /.pyc/d -i xapi.spec
#this will be fixed later

10) make srpm
11) rpm -i /usr/src/redhat/SRPMS/xapi-noarch-0.2-5217.src.rpm
12) rpmbuild -bb /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/xapi.spec

...and few minutes later fresh and shiny xapi waiting for battle:


It can compile not only xcp-tampa, but even the tampa-lcm head, which allows to backport.. ... I mean crossport fixes from tampa-lcm to xcp-tampa.

I hope Mike will adopt those changes to prep.sh.

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