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Re: [Xen-API] XCP - An equivalent of XenServer tools is required for Windows virtualization?

Hi Eduardo,

XenServer has the "XenServer tools" which is a set of drivers to
"paravirtualization" for Windows OSs.
The XCP (community) has it?

This "paravirtualization" drivers are really necessary?

The "XenServer tools" works with XCP?

The XenServer/XCP xs-tools iso is included in XCP Centos based appliance and it is need to be installed for decent performance on Windows VM. However I don't think they are opensource at the moment, and I'm not sure if they are included in the ubuntu/debian xapi release.

If you have installed from the applicance CD, after installing your windows VM, you can find the xs-tool.iso in the CD list.

If you are using the debian/ubuntu version, I think you have to create a iso SR and add the iso from XCP appliance in there.

As far as the linux VM are concerned, Xen PV drivers are included in the kernel since 2.6.24 I think, so your a recent VM should work fine without installing the xs-tool.iso specific kernel. However there will perhaps have some performance metrics missing if the tools are not installed.

Hope this helps,



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