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[Xen-API] How to halt PCI passthrough? (vm-param-set other-config:pci=…)

I successfully activated PCI passthrough to multiple devices using xe command taking the following form:

xe vm-param-set other-config:pci=0/<pci-id#>,1/<pci-id#>,2/<pci-id#>  uuid=<uuid>

Now I want halt PCI passthrough to the <uuid> VM, either while the <uuid> VM is running or upon its reboot.  (Though halting while running would be great, halting upon reboot would be fine too.)

Can PCI be halted using a xe command?  If so, what command?  Or is there a config file, created as a result of the original "xe vm-param-set other-config:pci=.." command, that can be edited to remove one of more PCI devices?

Thanks for any help with this!

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