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Re: [Xen-API] [XCP] - XCP 1.6 - Raid controller support - HP Proliant DL380e G8

Hi Roger,

XCP 1.6 don't recognize HP Proliant DL 380e G8 Raid controller.

I find, this only references to DL 380p in this link:


Do you mean that the raid array is not detected during install?

If you want to double check the support from the kernel, you can do an install on a separate SSD and then look if the xcp dom0 kernel sees your card or not using dmesg and lspci.

Then you can check if the raid array disk is there or not. If the card is properly detected but you cannot see the raid array disk, you could double check that the raid is properly initialized using the CLI tools from hp.

I often use the SSD for system + raid array for SR strategy for raid card not directly supported during installation. It works fine, you just have to create a SR on the raid array after installation.

Hope this helps,


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